DIFC Success in First Cross Border Merger

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has just announced its first successful cross-border merger under the DIFC’s Companies Law.

The Expert Role in Maritime Disputes

Last Wednesday, Reda Hegazy was invited to participate on Judicial Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice on

COVID-19: Working from home leads to high bills. Can I get reimbursed?

Since Covid-19, more and more of us are working from home. However, working from home does not come

UAE: Can my employer ask me to move house?

Can your employer ask you to move home? Mohamed Elmasry shares his insight with Gulf News. You may
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Chambers ‘Litigation 2021’ Global Practice Guide

We are pleased to share with you our contribution to Chambers ‘Litigation 2021’ Global Practice Guide for the

Award for Dispute Resolution in Middle East

Congratulations to Robert Sliwinski for achieving the award for Dispute Resolution lawyer of the year for the Middle East

UAE: How to read your rental contract? Check these details before you sign

REDA HEGAZY shares with Gulf News what to look out for in your rental contract before you sign. You may

UAE: I terminated my contract early – will I get my cheques back or have to pay a penalty?

REDA HEGAZY’s recent contribution to the Gulf News focuses on If you terminate your lease agreement in the

UAE: I can’t get my security deposit back, what should I do?

REDA HEGAZY’s recent contribution to the Gulf News focuses on how to get your security deposit back when renting. You

COVID-19: Can I resign from a UAE job when I am outside the country?

Our esteemed colleague, Reda Hegazy is once again featured in the UAE’s prestigious newspaper, Gulf News, sharing his insights