Sharjah Second Engineering Forum

January 29, 2020

Al Suwaidi & Company was invited to participate in the Sharjah Second Engineering Forum organized by the Sharjah Municipality that took place on 21 & 22 of January 2020. Our associate, Mr. Reda Hegazy attended on behalf of our firm and he gave a talk and a presentation on the topic: “Basic Conditions for Contracting Contracts”. Mr. Reda communicated/delivered to the attendees a deep legal understanding of the Contracting Contracts detailing the liability of the parties including the subcontractors.

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Tourism Boost: The New Five-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

January 23, 2020

This month, the UAE Cabinet approved the issuance of a five-year, multiple entry tourist visa for all nationalities visiting the country. This move aims to enhance the UAE’s position as a top tourist destination and further strategically supports the Dubai Expo 2020 efforts. Holders of the five-year multiple entry tourist visa shall be allowed to stay in the UAE for a period of six (6) months on each visit . This is a welcome development for tourists, visitors and UAE residents who now have the option to apply for a tourist visa once and may re-enter on the same visa. Currently,  tourists can visit with a single entry for 30 days or multiple entry for 90, from the date of the entry. Such enhancement shall increase the number of business visitors, family visitors of residents and those who decide to visit the UAE on short notice from countries where potential visitors may have had to re-apply for a new tourist visa. The details behind the five-year, multiple entry tourist visa shall be introduced to the people within the next four months. While eligibility and terms and conditions are said to remain the same as those in place for other tourist visa types, the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has been tasked by the UAE Cabinet with implementing the new decision. The announcement was well-received by UAE’s business community who anticipate sustainable growth arising from a continuous inflow of tourists to the UAE who shall spend on the local economy from retail through hospitality thereby providing added lift to the real estate, transportation, tourism and entertainment sectors. We at Al Suwaidi & Company shall continue to monitor the developments, implementing rules and further details surrounding this important decision that will surely support the achievement of the UAE’s goal to welcome more tourists into the country for this year and further into this decade. If you have any questions related to this, please reach out to Vida Grace at

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Legal Corner with Al Suwaidi & Company / Swiss Business Council Dubai. “How to Avoid & Handle Bad Debts”

January 22, 2020

Al Suwaidi & Company was recently invited to perform a presentation before the Swiss Business Council held in Dubai, UAE. Our Senior Associate, Mr. Suneer Kumar represented our firm by leading a seminar on the topic: ‘How to Avoid & Handle Bad Debts’. Mr. Suneer’s depth of research and understanding on the topic in question, and his ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced a very memorable and engaging presentation for all the attendees. The seminar trained everyone to effectively identify bad debts and the detrimental effects it may have on a business, as well as familiarized them with means of avoiding bad debts and mitigating its effects through measures and remedies. The in-depth presentation provided a lot of information to be desired for, yet also allowed room for much discussions and many immersed questions to be asked during the end, which Mr. Suneer was able to address and answer with relative ease and sound knowledge – demonstrating Al Suwaidi & Company as the go-to law firm for all your effective solutions.

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IP News, “POLO” vs “Car-pollo”

January 6, 2020

Japan Patent Office (JPO) decided that VW’s famous car model “Polo” is dissimilar to, and unlikely to cause confusion with, the word mark “Car-pollo” when used for car navigation. Volkswagen AG filed an opposition against registration the word mark “Car-pollo” written in standard character filed by Baidu Online Network Technology Beijing Company Limited on the grounds that Opposed mark shall be objectionable based on senior trademark registration for the word mark “POLO”. The opposed mark is designated for; Navigation system (GPS) for vehicles; car video recorders; batteries for vehicles; battery charging devices for motor vehicles; electric locks for vehicles in class 9. Wheelbarrows; airplanes; vessels; bicycles; electric bicycles in class 12. Automatic driving cars design in class 42. Article 4(1)(xi) is a provision to prohibit from registering a junior mark that is deemed identical with, or similar to, any senior registered mark. Article 4(1)(xv) provides that a mark shall not be registered where it is likely to cause confusion with other business entity’s well-known goods or services, to the benefit of brand owner and users’ benefits. According to the above articles, the Opposition Board decided that “POLO” and “Car-pollo” are totally dissimilar from visual, sound and conceptual points of view. Regarding the opponent’s allegation, the Board stated the term “Car” isn’t a usual word to indicate ‘wheelbarrows; airplanes; vessels; bicycles; electric bicycles’ of class 12. From the produced evidence, there does not exist any circumstance to admit the term “pollo” shall be conceived as a dominant portion of the opposed mark in fact. If so, it looks rather appropriate to consider relevant consumers would grasp opposed mark in its entirety. Board also negated a likelihood of confusion between “POLO” and “Car-pollo” even if an opposed mark is used for car video recorders; batteries for vehicles; battery charging devices for motor vehicles; electric locks for vehicles, and car-related services. Based on the foregoing, the Board dismissed opposition and accepted “Car-pollo” registration. In our opinion, the two trademarks as similar and we believe that the customers will mentally make a connection between the trademark and Volkswagen AG.

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