– Our Firm represented by Mr. Mohammed Al Suwaidi (Managing Partner) and Ms. Stephanie Mouanes (Associate) have attended the 2018 Multilaw Annual Global Meeting event (“AGM”) held in Bangkok, Thailand from 25-28 October 2018. – More than 100 lawyers from 90 independent law firms have attended this event, all coming from different Regions (America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa). – On the first day of the event (Oct. 25) Ms. Stephanie Mouanes have participated as a speaker in the Global Employment Law Forum that took place at the offices of the hosting Firm Tilleke & Gibbins in Bangkok. The discussion was about the flexibility in the workplace and the gig economy whereby each speaker have discussed these topics from the perspective of their jurisdiction. The speakers were from the UAE (myself), USA (Andrew Cripe), Germany (Claudine Gemeiner), UK (Jon Heuvel), Portugal (Carmo Sousa Machado) & Thailand (June Vipamaneerut). The Forum was attended by around 40 attendees from various international companies (in-houses, VP legal, HR Directors and others).